Welcome to the bespoke wedding page.

Hello there, thank you for opting for your wedding stationery to be bespoke.

Here you will (hopefully) find inspiration on how bespoke your wedding stationery can be.

There is also information on where find and source colour themes and design styles for us to understand and get the feel of what you are after. With this information, Mangos Design will bring your dream wedding stationery to life.

Read ahead, have a look with what's on show and take notes,

then email all that over and let us do the rest.

- How to come up with your theme and colour scheme -

Pinterest is your new best friend. Make private boards for colour schemes, wedding themes, card designs etc.

Make folders on your desktop with the same subject titles for you to collect images from the net and Pinterest and place them in the right folder. Keep them all organised and in one place, less stress that way.

Start off with what theme you want, this will, most likely, help with the colour palette (though design/artistic licenses can mix things up and make it unique, which actually contradicts this sentence) 😂.

Here's some ideas that you could think about and it could, maybe, give you a helping hand and kick start.

Idea One: Seasonal weddings

- If your wedding is in autumn (late September - early November) and you would like to use that theme in your stationery then your favoured colours are deep burnt oranges, burnt yellows, copper, rustic, burnt or washed out greens, etc. If you're wedding is in summer (June - Early September) you'll sway more to the pinks, mints, corals, turquoise, etc, the brighter colours basically. 

- The design of the cards, and the rest of your wedding stationery, can also keep to the seasonal theme.

For example.

Spring weddings: flower buds, blossoms, leaves in full colour etc.

Summer weddings: Flowers in full bloom, tropical leaves/plants, etc

Autumn weddings: Leaves falling, twigs/branches, dangling lanterns/fairy lights etc.

Winter wedding: Snow toped trees, mistle toe, acorns, dangling lights, berry branches, snow fall/flake etc


Now to make it bespoke, you can add in your fav pictures of you both.


This winter wedding has a "Photo Booth" take on it. This is a good way to show a series of pictures of yourselves.

A photo booth

winter wedding

Colours picked from the brides jacket then added a couple more colours to compliment the evergreen and copper foil.

This is by far Mangos Design's favourite: a couples sketch.

Very unique. you ge

A black and

white polaroid

A retro platform with a modern twist.

Here is another way to display your one single favourite picture, of course it doesn't have to be black and white. Then, add a modern twist to it by a sleek font or maybe a pop of colour that you will use throughout your wedding stationery. The colour can come from the picture or a complimentary colour.

Or if you have that one specific image that you want to use then it can be displayed like the image below.

This is where the artistic license comes into play. A summer wedding with grey sketched flowers and a romantic sepia or golden hour filter over the picture. Instead of using the bright colours associated with summer, here, Mangos Design used the latest trending colour (at the time of when the cards were designed) are implemented, so we have a blush hue for the main colour and grey always couples well with it (in Mangos opinion) giving you this beautiful outcome. It's still a summery look but keeping on trend with the colours.

To find the latest trending colour: visit homeware websites or look in homeware sections in department stores or in supermarkets, they are (from my knowledge) the first people to release the latest trends in colours and patterns.

You could be highly inspired here. Of course you got your retail stores and websites and there is no harm in googling it too. 

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