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Hello you.

So, launch day had arrived and with shear excitement I get up extremely early.

Longest. Day. Ever.

Twiddling my thumbs, cleaning the house when it's already been done, clock watching, opening and closing the laptop numerous of times. I have even worn the living room carpet down from all the pacing.

Six Thirty pm finally came around and I couldn't control the nerves. The thought of, What if my site didn't work? Will people be able to make a purchase? Will I be able run this little business by myself? All these thoughts and more just made me feel light-headed and slightly sick (this feeling also could've been the wine I was drinking whilst cooking an hour before launch). In the end I thought I just had to go with it and deal with whatever problems may arise, I'm a big girl, I can handle this. Right?

Six Fifty-five pm and I'm sitting in the living room......alone. My niece and friends couldn't make it and my family were busy. Something big in my life is about to happen and I was alone (cue the violin). I logged into my site, quickly skimmed through it and I was ready to hit the 'Publish' button.

Seven pm chimed, I hit the button aaaaaaand my site didn't work. Now I'm panicking and sweating, I'm running late for my own launch and no-one was there to calm me down except for a half drunk bottle of red. Then it dawned on me, silly me forgot to transfer web addresses from my portfolio site to my online shop, with all the excitement and nerves, I forgot to switch accounts 🤦🏽‍♀️. I was one minute late to launch. I hate being late 😂, oh well.

The main thing is, that my site works! but I had no-one to hug it out with or jump around in joy.

Seven Twenty-Three pm the door bell went off, slightly confused as to who it could be since I wasn't expecting anyone. I open the door to find this weird, but cool, unicorn balloon floating on the doorstep attached to a gift bag with a bag of sharing malteasers (though Manita doesn't share food, Joey style from friends) and a bottle of red. Now at this point I'm totally confused, I didn't really know who it could be.

Out jumped my niece from behind the front garden wall shouting "Happy Launch Day".

My reaction ---------------> "YOU ARE TWENTY-THREE MINUTES LATE".

My beautiful niece came to surprise me on my launch day. She explained she hit a bit of traffic which made her late, but I didn't care, she still came. A week before the launch she text me saying she couldn't make it. I didn't question it and just said "ok, no problem". What made it better is my other best friend turning up too. Yes "other" My niece is one of my best friends.

We had good food, drank great wine, danced around in the kitchen and this very moment of 2019 so far was the happiest I've been in a long time. I was getting emails, subscribers and texts from family and friends congratulating me, I am happy.

Thanks for reading, stay positive, be kind and believe.

Much love to you all.

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Bub-Bye People. Have a lovely weekend.

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