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The 'Nitty Gritty' part

Please read the page carefully and that you fully understand all that Mangos Design is asking from you.​

- The Invites -

All invites are printed on 300-350gsm card

On either textured or silk (smooth).

(Mangos Design will always recommend which designs will look good on which card texture and thickness). 


A choice of the following cards can be ordered in all designs.

(you don't have to have all that's shown and you can add in cards that aren't shown):

Save the date



Sangeet/Sanjee Night

Religious days leading up to the main day

Mehndi Night

Wedding Day


Thank you cards


- The Info -

It is important to let us know if you would like your chosen design to be just for the bride, just for the groom or for both parties.

Please take note that ordering for both sides means, it is two orders (the wordings will change depending on which side it is for).


Quantities can be different for each event and each side, for example: the bride wants 150 invites for the wedding day and 200 for reception, whereas the groom only wants 150 for each event.

It is advised to round UP and add extra 5-10 to your card quantity, so if you are sending out, for example: 200, get an extra 10. You never know, your invite could get lost-in-the-post or you've forgotten a relative/friend (don't worry, it happens), you then have spares to write one out, send it on it's way and they'll never know. Mangos Design would advise: 1 invite for one family, if a family member has moved out for study/placement or work etc, you do not need to send a separate invite to their address, but that is entirely up to you.

Envelopes, pocketfolds, laser cut envelopes, belly bands and other wedding stationery closure accessories are not part of the quote and will be advised upon your enquiry.

- The Ordering -

Once you have filled out a quote form and received the quote from Mangos Design and you are happy with it, a contract for you to sign and the first invoice will be sent to you requesting a 40% deposit, for Mangos Design to start changing the text to suit you. We require a word document, PDF or an email with your wordings, clearly stating which wording is for which invite(s) and for which party/side. Within a week, Mangos Design will send you a PDF proof of your invite(s) for you to check over and make changes. Another PDF proof will be sent to you for the last look and for final changes, after this is done, you will receive the last invoice for the remaining balance to be paid in full then .......... they are on it's way to the printing fairies!

Your wedding stationery can be delivered to one chosen address. If an order is placed for both sides then we can deliver the stationery to two addresses (bride's house and groom's house). 

Please fill in a short(ish) form with your wedding details for a quote.

Make sure you take note of the name of which design you like.