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Here we are, behind the scenes for the shoot of my Indian wedding planner which turned out harder then I planned/thought it would be. I scheduled a time slot with my brother in law to get some shots done using the ‘flat lay’ technique/method, all before my one and a half year old nephew wakes up from his afternoon nap, touches everything and wants our undivided attention. Job done, great.

I also wanted shots of me holding the planner in their full bloom, colourful back garden and my gosh, I have never felt so awkward then I did doing this shoot. I had to hold my planner in different uncomfortable and un-natural ways, flicking my hair from one side to the other depending on wind direction, all the while tying to keep my eyes open and trying not to squint in the sunshine, long enough for him to snap away.

That wasn’t it, my nephew’s awake and out in the garden with us. We turn away to click in the natural sun light for a few seconds only to find my nephew is in the flower bed. We sort him out then we shoot again, he's now by the edge of the pond after seeing a frog and a bee. Next he’s trying to climb a small rock wall, then onto tasting the grass and mud. I look over to the conservatory and I see my sister laughing away at us two (semi) grown-ups trying to handle a toddler and a photoshoot. Thanks for helping sis 👍🏼.

We had plenty of giggles (which didn’t help, as it took up more time), in the end, the shoot went well, got some great pics which you can see on my site and in my social posts and below.

Thanks for reading, stay positive, be kind and believe.

Much love to you all.

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Adios Muchachos.

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